The Institute for Vegetable Crops Smederevska Palanka is initiating a public bidding procedure for leasing office space of 108 m2, which is located on the ground floor of a residential building at Prvi Srpski ustanak St, 108, which is registered as LOCAL B in the list of real estate no. 7055 of K.O. Smederevska Palanka 1, plot no. 5059, with the following essential elements:

  • The initial value of the monthly rent is 1100 evra, net in dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the NBS valid for the last working day of the month for the current month, increased by the VAT rate;
  • In case of a failed auction, the next one will be held with the same initial value of the rent;
  • The costs of using water and electricity, telephone and other obligations on the basis of utilities are borne by the tenant, as well as the costs of current maintenance of business premises;
  • The duration of the lease is 5 years;
  • The notice period is three months;
  • Business space is leased as seen, the space can be seen until the deadline for the payment of the deposit with the announcement one day in advance;
  • The lessee may not adapt the business premises without the prior consent of the lessor;
  • All costs of adaptation of the leased real estate are borne by the lessee;
  • Business space is ready to be used from 01.11.2021;
  • The bidding step is 50 euros;
  • The auction deposit is 180,000 dinars, without refund;
  • The right to participate in the public bidding has legal entities that submit a proper application and pay the auction deposit until 28.10.2021;
  • On the day of the auction, all participants must bring the Decision on registration from the APR, proof of payment, Certificate that no criminal proceedings have been initiated against the legal representative, Certificate that the legal representative has not been convicted and read the ID card of the legal representative.
  • The date and time of the public tender is September 29th 2021. year at 12 o'clock at the headquarters of the Institute of Vegetable crops.
  • Additonal info trough phone 064/883 44 30 or 026/ 313 028

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