Milan Ugrinovic, PhD, Research Associate

Milan Ugrinovic, PhD was born in 1978 in Belgrade.

He graduated at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade in 2008, and defended his Doctoral thesis: “Productivity of green bean and intercropped vegetable crops in the organic farming system” in 2015.

He has been working at the Institute for Vegetable Crops since 2008 at the Department of Agrotechnique and Vegetable Physiology. He is in charge for plant production in controlled conditions (greenhouses), production of organic seed, testing of biological fertilizers, both in the open field and in greenhouses.

He is the author of more than 40 scientific papers in national and international journals. He participated at 10 national and 7 international meetings. He spent some time specializing in China. He is a member of “Serbian Association of Plant Breeders and Seed producers”.

Scientific field: vegetable crops, fertilizers, substrates, seedling production, nitrogen-fixers, special systems of plant production, crop rotation, sustainable agriculture, organic vegetable production.