Department of Seed Production

This Department aims to organize and carry annual plant of vegetable seed production and of some field crop. The seed is usually produced at the Institute’s open field and green houses or in cooperation with agricultural producers. Those farmers have to have special conditions for vegetable production and have to sign the contract with the Institute as service providers.

Besides the professional supervision of the seed crop growing, there are workers who work within this department. They deal with the following tasks: prepare land for sowing and planting, fertilizing, watering, maintain the land, apply pesticides, yield and store the seed. They also take care of the agricultural machinery: combine harvesters, tractors, attachments, and maintain the machines for seed proceeding and packaging.

Farmers, who produce seeds for the Institute, have constant advisory service at the Institute. Researchers of the Institute help them regarding implementation of contemporary agricultural, reclamation and other measures in order to promote seed production.

This department works closely with other departments of the Institute.