Dejan Cvikic, PhD, Research Associate
Head of the Department for Agrotechnology and Plant Physiology

Dejan Cvikic, PhD was born in 1969 in Smederevska Palanka

He graduated at the Faculty of Agronomy, University of Belgrade in 1995. He defended Master thesis: “Inheritance of ripening inhibitor genes for nor and rin maturity of tomato“ in 1999, and Doctoral thesis “Application of morphological and molecular markers in identification of superior lines and hybrids of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)” in 2013 at the same Faculty.

He has been working at the Institute for Vegetable Crops since 1996 as Research Associate at the Department for Genetics and Breeding of Vegetable Crops.

He has published about 154 scientific papers in national and international journals or presented them on meetings. He is the author or co-author of 13 registered vegetable varieties (7 varieties of pepper and 2 varieties of pea, 2 carrots and 2 cucumbers). He is a member of “Serbian Association of Plant Breeders and Seed producers”, “Serbian Genetic Society” and “Serbian Physiological Society”. He is a national coordinator for plant genetic resources for Apiaceae.

Scientific field: selection and breeding of root crops (carrot, radish) selection and breeding of pepper, conservation of biodiversity and genetic resources of pepper and root crops.