Laboratory of Seed Quality Control

Laboratory of Seed Quality Control started working in the first days of Institute’s formation. It was accredited in 2009 by Accreditation Body of Serbia. Quality policy is such that the work of the Laboratory is in accordance with Serbian laws and regulations, as well as standards for accredited laboratories, SRPC ISO/ IEC 17025 and good laboratory practice. Quality of work at the laboratory is accomplished by applying quality management system and team work. Procedures that have been accredited are: quality control of seeds of field and vegetable species, seeds of flowers and medicinal species, as well as coated seeds.

The Laboratory has all the necessary technical equipment for sampling (taking the average sample for physicochemical, biological and biochemical analysis). Regarding the germination, germination energy, pureness, presence of other varieties and weeds, seeds need to fulfill conditions established in the “Rulebook of agricultural seed quality”. Seed also has to meet standards regarding the heath quality, established by regulations of health state of the crops, seeds and seed material.

Seed quality testing is performed in the manner and according to seed testing methods. Germination is tested on the seed from the seed group “pure seed” and represents the number of normal germs comparing to total number of tested seeds in time provided for the final evaluation. Seed pureness (pure seed, other seeds, weed seeds, inert matter), seed germination (germination energy and pureness), seed humidity, mass of 1000 seeds, must be in range of acceptable tolerance.