Department of Seed Processing and Packaging

Good quality of vegetable seed is obtained in the field by applying good farming practice and experience. However, in order for the seed to be well known, popular on the market and to bring you good income, it has to meet the standards of the “Rulebook of agricultural seed quality” which is in accordance with standard proposed by international standards – ISTA Rulebook („International Seed Testing Organization”).

Seed processing is a procedure in a row of important factors in preparing seed for the market. This is very complicated and multiphase procedure combined from several stages: primarily, secondary, basic and final proceeding. The aim of processing the natural seed is to eliminate all limited and unlimited impurities: inert matter, weed seed, seed of other plant varieties, especially those belonging to the same variety or family, poor of non-germinating seed, insects and its larva. The Institute has all the necessary machines necessary for the whole process of seed proceeding. Besides the mechanical seed processing, the seed is sometimes treated chemically in order to eliminate entomological, mycological and bacterial dangers for seed health.

During every season, we proceed around 150 parties of various vegetable seed. By following the seed quality in the storage we complete the whole quality management process which is the base of regular and good managing of packaging and selling of seed. Final phase of seed quality management is the packaging of probated, proceeded, sampled, tested and declared - in one word certified – seed.

Seed packing process: filling, closing and marking are done with automatic seed packing lines. The Institute has four types of packing lines (from smallest to the largest packing), line for chemical treatment and the modern machine with digital dosage for small and expensive hybrid seed. The process of control of packed seed is performed manually on scales, with semi-analytical level of precision.