Department of Common Affairs

Department of Common affairs performs duties of common interest for all departments of the Institute, such as marketing, accounting, law business, quality management control, librarian, security and cleaning.

Since the selling of the seed at the market represents significant income for the Institute, the work of marketing service is of great importance for the Institute. Our representatives sell throughout Serbia, while our marketing service is constantly at the Institute and in contact with our buyers. This service monitors and analyzes the market from the aspect of needs and realization and sells vegetable seeds produced in the Institute. This department also acquires all other goods for the daily functioning of the Institute.

Accounting controls financial and material operations, monitors the inflow and outflow of financial resources, participates in the develops the financial plan of the Institute, prepares periodic calculations and final reports, conducts credit and foreign exchange operations, controls the payment obligations.

The Law Service covers legal matters related to the Institute. The lawyer prepares all legal documentation, interprets regulations and laws, and adjusts the legal acts of the Institute with the valid legal regulations. He also keeps and administers documentation and personal records of employees.

Special attention is paid to safety and health at work.

Institute’s library regularly keeps up-to date bibliography of all researchers at the Institute, since 1946 till nowadays. Librarian also does the language proofreading of all publishing material published by and for the Institute. If necessary, scientific papers are translated to English language.

A part of the stuff deals with security and hygiene.