Based on Art. 62 of the Law on Science and Research ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 49/2019 of July 8, 2019) and Art. 13. Decisions on the establishment of the Institute for Vegetable Crops Smederevska Palanka ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 36/2019 of 24.05.2019), at the 18th session held on 22.12.2021 the Board of Directors of the Institute for Vegetable Crops Smederevska Palanka has announced

Public competition for the appointment of the director of the Institute

1 executor

1. Information about the Institute:

Business name: Institute for Vegetable Crops, Smederevska Palanka

Headquarters: Karadjordjeva 71, Smederevska Palanka

2. Workplace data:

Position: Director of the Institute

Number of executors: one

Director's duties:

  1. represents the Institute,
  2. organizes and manages the work of the Institute,
  3. takes care of legality and is responsible for the legal work of the Institute,
  4. executes the decisions of the Board of Directors,
  5. takes care of the implementation of scientific research activities and the overall work of the Institute,
  6. is responsible for the financial and material operations of the Institute,
  7. adopts the act on the organization and systematization of jobs in the Institute and other general acts, in accordance with the law and the statute of the Institute,
  8. decides on the rights and obligations of employees of the Institute, in accordance with the law,
  9. proposes to the the program and work plan of the Institute and maks other decisions within the scope of the Board of Directors,
  10. takes care of the harmonization of the proposed annual program and work plan with the five-year program and work plan and proposes their changes in order to harmonize them with the achieved results, goals and new circumstances,
  11. on the basis of periodic and annual analyses, informs the Board of Directors and the Scientific Council on the results and realization of programs and work plans,
  12. reports to the Ministry in case the Institute does not meet some of the conditions for performing scientific research activities,
  13. performs other tasks in accordance with the law and the Decision on the establishment of the Institute.

The term of office of the director is four years.

3. Conditions:

1) Scientific or teaching position in accordance with the Law on Science and Research,

2) Competent in the field of science for which the institute is accredited,

3) Experience in management in the field of scientific research work at the Institute or the faculty,

4) Ability to plan and organize the scientific research work of the institute,

5) Experience in working on projects and manager skills,

6) Citizenship of the Republic of Serbia,

7) No criminal proceedings or investigation is conducted against the person, no punishment has been imposed.

The term of office of the director is four years. If the person who is appointed as director is not employed at the Institute, a fixed-term employment relationship is established with him.

4. Deadline for submitting applications

Eligible persons who meet the conditions can submit an application with evidence within 15 days from the day of publication of the announcement in the periodical of the National Employment Service.

5. Giving notice of competition

Interested persons may, in order to obtain additional information, contact the Commission for the implementation of the procedure for the selection of the director, by e-mail at

6. Address to which applications are submitted

Candidates submit the application with evidence in a sealed envelope to the address: Institute for Vegetable Crops Smederevska Palanka, Karadjordjeva 71, 11420 Smederevska Palanka, with the indication "For the Commission for conducting the procedure for the election of the director."

7. Check-in

Candidates submit a short biography with the application, which should include facts relevant to the evaluation of the candidate's suitability for the position of director of the Institute, as well as documents proving the fulfillment of employment conditions from item 3 of this announcement:

1) Diploma;

2) Decision on election to a scientific or teaching degree;

3) Birth certificate;

4) Certificate of citizenship;

5) Conviction that no criminal proceedings have been instituted against the person, nor has an investigation been initiated;

6) Certificate of impunity.

All evidence is attached in the original or a certified photocopy to a notary public.

The application contains data on the position for which the candidate is applying and data on the candidate: name and surname, address of residence or stay, contact phone number of the candidate, e-mail address if the candidate has one.

Late, inadmissible, incomprehensible or incomplete applications will be rejected.

The terms expressed in this ad in the grammatical masculine gender mean the natural masculine and feminine gender of the person to whom they refer.

Note: the advertisement was published on 29.12.2021. year in the 966th issue of the periodical printed edition "Jobs"

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